Online Christian College Library and Theological Resources

Research Tools

We are currently building a great library of online resources for our Online Christian College. Research Tools include online Bibles, Greek and Hebrew Helps and links to free Bible Study Software. Click here for the Research Tools.

Reference Books

Reference Books include online Concordnaces, Commentaries, Dictionaries and Bible Maps and Charts. Click here for the Reference Books.

Church History

On our Online Christian College library we have included links to Bible History/Church History and Bible Archeology. Click for Church History.


Religious Periodicals

Click here for links to a number of Religious Periodicals (Magazines, Blogs, etc.)

World Newspapers

Like most libraries, our Online Christian College library provides access to a number of daily newspapers. Click here for World Newspapers.

Other Libraries

Religious and Christian Libraries that provide additional resources for your Biblical and Theological studies. Click for Other Libraries.


Recent Posts

Keeping up with the News

The Online Christian College Library has a great resource for keeping up with what’s happening in the world and culture. The World Newspapers page has links to newspapers from across the United States and around the world. Keeping up with the headlines is an excellent way to shape your prayers as we pray for the lost and for those who are in distress around the world. Striking a balance between having access to information and being overwhelmed by it is extremely important. It is helpful to remember these verses from Philippians 4:4-8 as you read about what is happening around the world:

We Added a Great Online Christian College Resource!

We added a great Online Christian College Library resource that we are excited to let you know about. If you go to the drop down menu under the Library tab, your first option listed is a link to Bible Study Software. When you click on that link a really excellent Bible Program will be available to you. You don’t need to download anything and the use of the program is free. If you want to download the program you can purchase a CD or download for 2.99 but it is not necessary. The full version is available for you to use for free here on our Online Christian College Library website. If you have spent any time working with other Bible programs this one will be a snap for you to figure out. If you haven’t had any experience working with Bible software before the following screen shots might prove helpful:

Online Christian College Library

We are pleased to announce the addition of our Online Christian College Library at the Jesus Moment Bible Institute and Seminary. We want to make your learning experience as fulfilling as possible and there are so many good resources available online we are gathering the information and putting it together here for your access. You will have access to research tools, reference books, world newspapers, religious periodicals and links to thousands of articles that will proves invaluable to your studies and ministry. The building of this library will take some time to complete but we will start with functional links in all of the categories mentioned above and we will be adding to them on a regular basis for some time.


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